Author profile: Charlotte Epstein

Charlotte Epstein is an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney in Australia and an associate researcher of the Centre d’Etudes et de Relations Internationales (CERI-Science Po) in Paris. Her interests are in International Relations theory, critical security studies and global environmental politics, and surveillance; and centrally, in the in the role of language in international politics. She is the author of The Power of Words in International Relations (MIT Press) and articles published in the European Journal of International Relations, International Organization and International Political Sociology. She read International Relations at the University of Cambridge (PhD, MPhil), and Philosophy and Languages at l’Université de Paris-Sorbonne (Maîtrise and two BAs). She was a Georges Lurcy Visiting Scholar at the UC Berkeley Political Science Department.

The Postcolonial Perspective: Why We Need to Decolonize Norms

Charlotte Epstein • Jan 19 2017 • Articles

Normation, normalization and nomos shift the focus from treating a norm as given to considering its initial constitution, to account for the form that a norm takes.

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