Author profile: Charlotte Hulme

Charlotte Hulme is a political science Ph.D. candidate at Yale University, where her research focuses on the role of non-national actors in addressing transnational challenges. Her work also explores questions about the nature of grand strategy in the 21st century in light of new global actors and challenges, and she recently published an article on this topic in The Strategy Bridge. Other interests include statehood and security in Africa, and in 2018 she co-authored an article on the Islamic State in Africa with Dr. Jason Warner of West Point. Charlotte is a proud graduate of Cambridge University and Wellesley College.

Change of Players, Change of Game: How States Got Left Behind on Climate Change

Charlotte Hulme • Nov 5 2019 • Articles
Climate change may be a unique transnational risk, but how non-national actors are responding to it offers general lessons for our understanding of global politics.

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