Author profile: Christian Dennys

Christian Dennys has a PhD from Cranfield University, his book based on his thesis has recently been published by Routledge; Military Intervention, Stabilisation and Peace: The search for stability. He will be giving talks and seminars at universities in the autumn on his research in to stabilisation. He is also currently working at the UK’s Stabilisation Unit.

Review – When the United States Invaded Russia

Christian Dennys • Aug 1 2014 • Features

Richard’s book should be read – not for lessons on Afghanistan & Iraq – but as a timely reminder of the dangers of mission creep and the consequences of the use of force.

Review – An Enemy We Created

Christian Dennys • Apr 20 2012 • Features

van Linschoten and Kuehn’s detailed accounts of the early development of the international jihadists and the Taliban is a wide ranging and useful addition to post 9/11 literature.

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