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Christopher May, is Professor of Political Economy, and Associate Dean: External Relations and Enterprise in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Lancaster University, UK. His work on intellectual property rights has been widely cited and translated. He wrote the first ever independent study of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, collaborated with Susan Sell (George Washington University) on a history of IPRs and his frequently cited book A Global Political Economy of IPRs: The New Enclosures is now available in a second revised edition. Most recently he has completed his book on The Rule of Law: The Common Sense of Global Politics which will be published in 2014.

Still Waiting for the New Electronic Order

Christopher May • Aug 11 2013 • Articles
There are avenues by which IR can move into open access, but have we taken advantage of possibilities for changing the way we communicate and disseminate our research and analysis?

The Global Politics of Intellectual Property Rights in the New Millennium

Christopher May • Jul 22 2009 • Articles
For nearly two decades I have been researching and writing about the global political economy of intellectual property rights (IPRs). In that time, intellectual property has moved from the margins of contemporary global politics to become an issue that most, if not all commentators and analysts recognise as being an important subject of political contest and disagreement.

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