Author profile: Christopher Wood

Private Military Companies and International Security

Christopher Wood • Mar 21 2013 • Essays

Whilst the time-honoured profession of being a mercenary may be as old as the history of warfare itself, we are perhaps witnessing a golden age for the soldier of fortune.

Interest Policies and the 1928 Great Slump

Christopher Wood • Nov 9 2012 • Essays

Had US policy makers been able to rely on a range of fiscal tools such as were gifted to federal government during the New Deal era, more decisive action could have been taken to avert such a prolonged depression.

The US Healthcare Debate: A History and Implications

Christopher Wood • Jul 29 2011 • Essays

There are a wide range of factors that contribute to the difficulties faced by the Obama administration in passing health care reform. Understanding public perception of the state of the health care industry in the United States is essential in explaining the difficulties faced by the Obama administration in passing reform.

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