Author profile: Cornelia Navari

Cornelia Navari is Emeritus Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, UK and Visiting Professor at the University of Buckingham, editor of Theorising International Society: English School Methods (2009) and author of Internationalism and the State in the 20th Century (2000) and Public Intellectuals and Foreign Policy (2012).

World Society and English School Methods

Cornelia Navari • Jan 17 2016 • Articles

Contrary to the billiard-ball metaphor of international politics, states are not just individual elements in a system. They form a ‘world society’.

World Society and English School Methods

Cornelia Navari • May 1 2013 • Articles

The English School in IR theory is generally associated with the notion of international society, which suggests that there is much institutionalization of shared values, mutual understandings, and common interests.

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