Author profile: Dan G. Cox

Dan G. Cox is a professor of political science at the US Army School of Advanced Military Studies.  He is interested in systems thinking, operational art, strategy, and anticipating the future of conflict.  He is currently working on a book anticipating future pandemic shocks and their implications tentatively entitled Breaking Point.


Opinion – Lessons America’s Adversaries Can Learn from the Covid-19 Pandemic  

Dan G. Cox • Apr 26 2020 • Articles
If we fail to examine scenarios of pandemics worse than Covid-19, we will suffer similar results and western democracies may find it hard to recover from such events.

Forecasting the Future: Prospects of a Negotiated Settlement with North Korea

Dan G. Cox • Jun 7 2018 • Articles
Approaching the negotiations between the United States and North Korea through a systematic fashion, the harsh reality is that these negotiations are very likely to fail.

Is There a Religious Diversity Peace Dividend?

Dan G. Cox • Dec 28 2015 • Articles
Religious diversity significantly reduces terrorism, which may provide empirical verification for claims that religious freedom increases political stability.

The Ivory Tower Disconnect: Going Beyond Terrorism Experts Out of Academe

Dan G. Cox • Aug 21 2013 • Articles
There is a disconnect between political science research and practical policy outcomes. This will continue until there is a real movement to break the elitist nature of academic ivory towers.

Review – Counterinsurgency Warfare

Dan G. Cox • May 11 2013 • Features
David Galula’s classical 1964 work Counterinsurgency Warfare is one of the most cited and maligned works on the subject. A modern review of the book is necessary to dispel the myths surrounding it.

Opportunity and Peril in the North Korean Standoff

Dan G. Cox • Apr 9 2013 • Articles
Most pundits have determined that Kim Jong Un has consolidated power and is now about to, irrationally, strike out against South Korea and her allies. But, what if this assumption is an error?

What if the Hybrid Warfare/Threat Concept Was Simply Meant to Make Us Think?

Dan G. Cox • Feb 13 2013 • Articles
Hybrid warfare is yielding much academic discourse. Yet as the concept currently stands, it is too unbounded conceptually to drive foreign policy or effective military practice.

No Help is Coming: The Syrian-Turkish Strategic Quagmire

Dan G. Cox • Oct 18 2012 • Articles
With numerous strategic pitfalls to intervention in Syria, there is little chance that Article V will be invoked by Turkey to bring in a NATO intervention force.

Where the Heck is Central Sulawesi and Why Should I Care?

Dan G. Cox • Sep 20 2012 • Articles
Sulawesi's situation has the potential to turn into a Darfur or Southern Philippines-type conflict. The disturbing aspect of this conflict is that it is not on any radar screens in the west.

Casting Long Strategic Shadows

Dan G. Cox • Jul 30 2012 • Articles
As American foreign policy begins to represent a crusade, surely it is time to reconsider the strategic shadows that the post-Cold War foreign policy initiatives have cast.

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