Author profile: Daniel J. Fiorino

Daniel J. Fiorino is the Director of the Center for Environmental Policy at American University in Washington DC. His interests are in American environmental and energy policy and in state policies and politics. His most recent books include A Good Life on a Fine Earth: The Political Economy of Green Growth (Oxford, 2018); Can Democracy Handle Climate Change? (Polity, 2018) and (with James Meadowcroft) Conceptual Innovation in Environmental Policy (MIT, 2017). Before joining American University in 2009 he held several positions with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, including Associate Director of the Office of Policy Analysis.

Improving Democracy for the Future: Why Democracy Can Handle Climate Change

Daniel J. Fiorino • Jun 24 2019 • Articles

The path lies not in suspending democracy but improving it: create better democracies with the capacity for collective action and a commitment to ecological values.

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