Author profile: Deepshikha Shahi

Deepshikha Shahi is Assistant Professor of Political Science at University of Delhi, India. She is set to pursue post-doctoral research at the Centre for Global Cooperation Research (Käte Hamburger-Kolleg), University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. She is also affiliated with International Democracy Watch in Italy and Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. Her recent publications include ‘Engaging with the post-secular moment in post-9/11 Afghanistan: the search for a “humanist” political discourse’, Cambridge Review of International Affairs and ‘Rethinking the absence of post-Western International Relations theory in India: “Advaitic monism” as an alternative epistemological resource’, European Journal of International Relations.

Critical International Theory: A Comparative Advantage Framework

Deepshikha Shahi • Apr 7 2017 • Articles

Critical International Theory is a more commendable theoretical framework than Huntington’s clash of civilizations thesis when examining post 9/11 Afghanistan.

The Clash of Civilizations Thesis: A Critical Appraisal

Deepshikha Shahi • Apr 2 2017 • Articles

Proponents and critics of Huntington’s thesis have created a ‘clash of scholarship’ in IR. This article demonstrates this clash whilst adding a new dimension to it.

Post-9/11 Afghanistan: An Alternative Critical-Theoretical Perspective

Deepshikha Shahi • Mar 26 2017 • Articles

The article aims at unfolding the genealogy of the post 9/11 Afghan crisis, providing an understanding of the temporal and spatial dimensions of social reality.

Revisiting the Clash of Civilizations Thesis After 9/11

Deepshikha Shahi • Mar 23 2017 • Articles

Afghans believing in the Taliban/al-Qaida discourse will succumb to the intellectual insights of Huntington’s thesis which endorses the same worldview in a reverse guise.

Understanding Post-9/11 Afghanistan

Deepshikha Shahi • Mar 20 2017 • Articles

A humanistic re-interpretation of the Quran would be a crucial step towards vindicating Islam against its distortion and demonisation by hegemonic aspirants.

Afghanistan: A Critical Insight into Huntington’s Civilizational Approach

Deepshikha Shahi • Mar 11 2017 • Articles

Understanding 9/11 and the US-led war on terror in Afghanistan as exemplifications of a clash of civilizations seems to be thoroughly misleading and dangerous.

Teaching International Relations in India: From Pedagogy to Andragogy

Deepshikha Shahi • Oct 29 2016 • Articles

The overall intellectual contribution of Indian IR to Global IR is not proportionate to the visible growth concerning its institutional and thematic grounds.

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