Author profile: Devaditya Agnihotri and Katharine A. M. Wright

Devaditya Agnihotri is pursuing an MSc in Conflict Studies at the LSE. He was the recipient of Newcastle University’s Vacation Scholarship in 2018 which funded this piece of original research.


Katharine A. M. Wright is Lecturer in International Politics at Newcastle University. She researches gender and security in institutional settings, including NATO, with a focus on the UN Women, Peace and Security agenda. Her book NATO, Gender and the Military: Women Organising from Within was published by Routledge in 2019 (co-authored with Matthew Hurley and Jesus Ignacio Gil Ruiz). You can follow her on Twitter @KAMWright.

Afghan Women in Geopolitical Imaginaries: Between NATO and India

Devaditya Agnihotri and Katharine A. M. Wright • May 11 2020 • Articles

The focus on personal stories in the media obscures the uncomfortable truth of the dire situation for Afghan women and their underrepresentation in Afghan armed forces.

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