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The Annual E-IR Article Award (Deadline 30 March)

E-International Relations • Mar 17 2017 • Features
E-IR invites PhD students and early career academics to prepare short papers outlining novel, or under appreciated, ideas that will contribute to the understanding of international relations.

Interview – Meera Sabaratnam

E-International Relations • Mar 9 2017 • Features
Professor Sabaratnam explains her pessimism about IR, analyses the decolonisation of the university, and talks the current state of global politics.

Interview – Omar Ashour

E-International Relations • Feb 27 2017 • Features
Dr. Ashour explains de-radicalisation and how Western powers approach the problem, and he talks about Islamism in Egypt's military government.

Open Access Book – Understanding Post-9/11 Afghanistan: A Critical Insight into Huntington’s Civilizational Approach

E-International Relations • Feb 24 2017 • Features
A post-Islamic humanist discourse has the potential to carve the way for peace in post-9/11 Afghanistan and vindicate Islam of its denigration in the contemporary world.

Interview – Sebastian Knecht

E-International Relations • Feb 23 2017 • Features
Sebastian Knecht discusses the importance of the Arctic Council, the role of NGOs in Arctic governance, and the limited impact of Obama's oil exploration moratorium.

Interview – Michelle Cini

E-International Relations • Feb 17 2017 • Features
Michelle Cini discusses the impact Brexit may have on the UK and the EU, the steps the EU is taking towards reform, and provides advice for young scholars of EU politics.

Interview – Katarzyna Zysk

E-International Relations • Feb 11 2017 • Features
Prof. Zysk explains Russia's use of non-military means for strategic ends, its approach to world order and its neigbours, and the influence of the Trump administration.

Interview – Juliet Sorensen

E-International Relations • Feb 8 2017 • Features
Juliet Sorensen discusses the 'opioid epidemic', explains the limitations that international law has in tackling the problem, and argues for criminal justice reform,

Online Resources – Global Justice

E-International Relations • Feb 6 2017 • Online resources
A collection of resources introducing, and exploring, global justice and its connections to International Relations Theory.

Online Resources – Securitisation Theory

E-International Relations • Feb 6 2017 • Online resources
A collection of resources introducing, and exploring, securitisation theory in International Relations.

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