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Interview – Abi Williams

E-International Relations • Oct 12 2016 • Features
Dr. Abi Williams discusses the role of think tanks in international affairs, the future of multilateral institutions, UN reform and international courts and tribunals.

Online Resources – Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

E-International Relations • Oct 9 2016 • Online resources
A collection of online resources, including multimedia clips and free book chapters, introducing foreign policy and diplomacy to beginners.

Online Resources – International Relations Basics

E-International Relations • Oct 9 2016 • Online resources
A series of basic resources, including videos, books and guides, to help get you started with studying International Relations.

Online Resources – US Foreign Policy

E-International Relations • Oct 9 2016 • Online resources
Primary resources, declassified papers, public policy documents and links to the Presidential Libraries in the USA. Part of E-IR's Online Resources section.

Interview – Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

E-International Relations • Sep 30 2016 • Features
Professor Shakman Hurd discusses her latest book 'Beyond Religious Freedom' and where she believes the study of religion in IR is headed.

Interview – Kasturi Sen

E-International Relations • Sep 26 2016 • Features
Kasturi Sen discusses Syria's healthcare system, derides the humanitarian costs of economic sanctions, and stresses the need for interdisciplinary approaches to research.

Interview – Tine de Moor

E-International Relations • Sep 18 2016 • Features
Tine De Moor speaks about how the present benefits from historical research, answers questions on the commons, and advises young scholars to engage with societal debate.

Interview – Mark Blyth

E-International Relations • Aug 13 2016 • Features
Mark Blyth discusses the crises of the European Union, the repercussions of Brexit, alternatives to austerity, and his position as a "reluctant Constructivist".

Student Feature – Advice on Writing an Essay

E-International Relations • Aug 10 2016 • Student Features
This guide is aimed at a beginner, typically a student embarking on their first year of university study. It may also be useful as a recap for more experienced students.

Interview – James Der Derian

E-International Relations • Aug 5 2016 • Features
James Der Derian explains the importance of quantum physics to the social sciences, comments on the political science prison, and argues for more speculation in IR.

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