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Academic Programmes and Resources for 2014/15

E-International Relations • Jan 2 2015 • Features

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Edited Collection – Caliphates and Islamic Global Politics

E-International Relations • Dec 11 2014 • Features

This collection addresses common questions about Political Islam and provides an assessment of ISIS/ISIL in order to challenge common understandings of Islam and democracy.

Interview – Marc Sageman

E-International Relations • Nov 20 2014 • Features

Marc Sageman talks about what’s wrong in terrorism studies, how identity fosters the radicalization process, and about the effectiveness of airstrikes against ISIS.

Interview – Kathleen Hicks

E-International Relations • Nov 6 2014 • Features

Dr. Kathleen Hicks, Henry A. Kissinger Chair and director of CSIS talks about US defense planning, the campaign against ISIL, NATO and Ukraine, and the role of gender in national security circles.

Interview – Kimberly Hutchings

E-International Relations • Oct 24 2014 • Features

Prof. Hutchings talks about the usefulness of debates in international theory, violence, and ethics, and the importance of challenging gender discrimination in academia.

Interview – Steven Pinker

E-International Relations • Oct 10 2014 • Features

Professor Pinker answers questions on mankind’s tendency toward violence, Darwinism, the rights of women in Islamic societies, and his new book – The Sense of Style.

Interview – Kurt Mills

E-International Relations • Sep 25 2014 • Features

Dr Mills talks about R2P, neo-humanitarianism, the limits of norms, the practicality of the International Criminal Court, and the importance of academic networks.

Interview – John Esposito

E-International Relations • Sep 8 2014 • Features

In this interview, Professor Esposito discusses his career, the current state of IR scholarship on Islam, the rise of the Islamic State, and the issue of Islamophobia.

Interview – Tariq Ali

E-International Relations • Aug 18 2014 • Features

Writer, journalist, and filmmaker Tariq Ali discusses the recent Israel-Palestine conflict, the BDS movment, the rise of ISIS, and Obama’s US involvement in Iraq.

Interview – Leo Panitch

E-International Relations • Aug 7 2014 • Features

Professor Panitch explains how he understands imperialism, discusses the value of democratic peace theory, and the inherent problems with US-led global capitalism.

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