Author profile: Ebru Turhan

Ebru Turhan is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Vice-Director of the Institute of Social Sciences at the Turkish-German University of Istanbul (TDU). She is also the Co-coordinator of the Jean Monnet Module “INSITER” (Inside the Turkey-EU Relations). Previously she worked as a Mercator-IPC Fellow at the Istanbul Policy Center and as a senior analyst at the TÜSIAD Berlin Representation. Her latest publications include “Turkey’s EU Accession Process: Do Member States Matter?”; “Turkish Foreign Policy towards the Arab Spring: Between Western Orientation and Regional Disorder” and “Europe’s Crises, Germany’s Leadership and Turkey’s EU Accession Process”. She is also the author of “The European Council Decisions related to Turkey’s Accession to the EU: Interests vs. Norms”.

The Struggle for the German-Turkish Partnership: Preventing the “Train Crash”

Ebru Turhan • Dec 4 2016 • Articles
Germany and Turkey are tied to each other through a complex interdependency. Continuous dialogue is a necessity for both parties.

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