Author profile: Ed Atkins

Ed Atkins is a PhD Candidate in Energy, Environment & Resilience at the University of Bristol. His doctoral research is focused on the competing perceptions of the environment and, in particular, water and how such understandings interact and compete within discourse – utilising the case study of dam construction in contemporary Brazil. This is with a particular focus on the discourses used to deflect opposition to important schemes of reform and infrastructure construction. His wider research interests include the narratives of climate change, environmental conflict and the Anthropocene. You can follow him on Twitter at @edatkins_.

Environmental Conflict: A Misnomer?

Ed Atkins • May 12 2016 • Articles

It is no longer possible to see environmental issues as neutral, detached from the social world – they must be understood as political problems with social drivers.

The Age of Natural Capital, and Why It Must Be Stopped

Ed Atkins • Jul 30 2015 • Articles

The processes of financialisation are not necessarily beneficial in utilitarian terms but represent something deeper: the continuation of capitalism as usual.

The Search for Water Wars: Looking beyond the State

Ed Atkins • Jun 8 2015 • Articles

The reallocation of water regularly leads to a redistribution of the benefits that it provides, provoking community action. It is here we find our debated water wars.

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