Author profile: Elizabeth Feeney

The Financial Crisis: Banking, Bankruptcy and the Origins of the Crash

Elizabeth Feeney • Oct 4 2015 • Essays

The behaviour of banks preceding the global financial crisis must be understood in relation to the complex interdependencies between agency, institution and structure.

Australia’s Foreign Policy Approach on Climate Change: Leader or Laggard?

Elizabeth Feeney • Apr 15 2015 • Essays

Australia’s engagement with the international climate change regime highlights complex dilemmas embedded within the very nature of the issue itself.

Simone De Beauvoir’s Feminist Ideals Regarding Prostitution

Elizabeth Feeney • Feb 6 2015 • Essays

De Beauvoir’s feminist approach to prostitution reveals prostitution is ethically acceptable if those involved are willingly and have the same rights as other workers.

Adaptation, Mitigation and the Securitization of Climate Change

Elizabeth Feeney • Feb 6 2015 • Essays

Environmental changes make the rethinking of security unavoidable. An international effort is necessary to develop a framework of adaptation and mitigation practices.

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