Author profile: Elizabeth Iskander Monier

Elizabeth Iskander Monier is a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick. Her research focuses broadly on the politics and society of Egypt and the Middle East. Her particular interests include ethnic, national and religious identity formation and inclusion, sectarian conflict, processes of socio-political change and discursive approaches to power relations. Elizabeth has held fellowships at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the German Institute for Global and Area Studies and she completed her PhD in Social and Political Science at the University of Cambridge in 2011 on Egyptian and Coptic identity politics.

Egypt’s Crisis and Its Polarised Narratives

Elizabeth Iskander Monier • Aug 30 2013 • Articles
How a crisis is simplified and framed can say a lot about the strategic choices being made by certain actors, as can be seen from the polarised narratives arising out of Egypt’s crisis.

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