Author profile: Eric Reeves

Sudan, Terrorism, and the Obama Administration

Eric Reeves • Feb 24 2011 • Articles

Terror in the west of Sudan is far from concluded. Following the celebration of an apparently successful referendum for South Sudan, we should not forget the deals the Obama administration was obliged to cut so that voting could take place as scheduled, and what further deals will be required going forward to ensure the secession vote is respected by the Khartoum regime.

China, Darfur, and the 2008 Summer Olympics: An Intolerable Contradiction

Eric Reeves • Apr 20 2008 • Articles

Despite the common claim that China can’t be moved by international pressure from human rights or advocacy groups, the campaign to link genocide in Darfur to Beijing’s hosting of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games has thoroughly belied this notion. It is a campaign which must not give way to political expediency.

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