Author profile: Erica Resende and Dovile Budryte

Erica Resende has a PhD in political science from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and is Assistant Professor of International Relations at Candido Mendes University (Brazil) and Oklahoma University (USA). Her areas of expertise include US foreign policy, critical security studies and discourse analysis. She has published a number of books and article, most of them in Brazil. She was a Fulbright Fellow on a US national security programme at the Institute of Global Conflict and Cooperation, University of California, San Diego. In 2006 she has been recognized as US Scholar in Brazil and in 2015 she has been awarded a research fellowship from the state of Rio de Janeiro (“Jovem Cientista do Nosso Estado/Faperj”). For the last five years she has been collaborating with Dovile Budryte on issues regarding memory and trauma in International Relations.


Dovile Budryte, Ph.D, is a professor of political science at Georgia Gwinnett College. Her areas of interest include memory politics, gender studies and nationalism. Her publications include articles on minority rights and democratization in the Baltic states and three books, Taming Nationalism? Political Community Building in the Post-Soviet Baltic States (2005), Feminist Conversations: Women, Trauma and Empowerment in Post-Authoritarian Societies (co-edited with Lisa M. Vaughn and Natalya T. Riegg, 2009) and Memory and Trauma in International Relations: Theories, Cases and Debates (co-edited with Erica Resende, 2013). Recently she has published articles in special issues of The Journal of Baltic Studies, Humanities and co-edited a special issue of Ethnicity Studies on transnational memory (with Erica Resende).

Using Gender Lenses to Decolonize Trauma and Memory in IR

Erica Resende and Dovile Budryte • Feb 12 2016 • Articles

The intersections of two bodies of literature—feminist perspectives in (and on) IR and the study of traumatic memory in IR—offer a promising avenue for research.

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