Author profile: Erik Ringmar

Erik Ringmar is Senior Lecturer in Political Science at Lund University, Sweden. He worked for 12 years at the London School of Economics and was a Professor of International Relations in China for seven years.

Samuel Huntington and the American Way of War

Erik Ringmar • Jun 27 2020 • Articles
Huntington’s thesis has aided and abetted liberals with access to firearms; presenting them with suggestions, imperatives and hopes. As such his argument is a classic self-fulfilling prophecy.

Student Feature – The Evolution of the Nation-State

Erik Ringmar • Jan 12 2018 • Student Features
This student feature introduces readers to the development of nation-states. Once believed to offer perpetual peace, they soon gave rise to an even harsher form of war.

The Making of the Modern World

Erik Ringmar • Dec 26 2016 • Articles
International politics, for good and for bad, was shaped by Europeans and by non-Europeans copying European examples.

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