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The Labour Export Policy: A Case Study of the Philippines

Feina Cai • Aug 24 2011 • Essays

Migration has become a global phenomenon. It is growing rapidly both in scale and pace in accordance with the globalization process. The unprecedented growth of overseas contract workers is one of the most distinct new trends in international migration, among which, the Philippines constitutes a major force in the global labour market.

Why Do States Obey Rules in International Cooperation?

Feina Cai • Jun 7 2011 • Essays

Social control, which is essential to all social relations, is at the center of international relations. Calculation of self-interest best explains actors’ underlying incentives, and thus their willingness to comply with rules.

Absolute and Relative Gains in the Real World

Feina Cai • Apr 28 2011 • Essays

The real world is too complicated to be explained by absolute or relative gains alone. Both theories treat states as rational and unitary actors. Due to the diversity of interests, it is not easy to define a unitary national interest in some issues. Consequently, gains per se sometimes cannot be clearly stated.

The Developmental State in the Globalizing World

Feina Cai • Dec 22 2010 • Essays

As long as countries have the ambitions to develop, the developmental state remains one of the major state paradigms. Especially for undeveloped countries, it would be a good choice to take advantage of their abilities and resources competing in the world. Therefore, the developmental state is not weakened even if it is not strengthened given the globalization context.

The Euro and the RMB

Feina Cai • Nov 17 2010 • Articles

As an emerging power, China’s role within domains of international trade, economy and politics has increased dramatically in recent years. Accompanied with the country’s increase in international weight, the Chinese currency Renminbi (RMB) has become more and more significant in international financial market. Simultaneously, the dispute over RMB’s revaluation has recently become a recurrent theme

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