Author profile: Caitlin E. Werrell and Francesco Femia

Caitlin E. Werrell and Francesco Femia are the CEOs of The Council on Strategic Risks, and Co-Founders, The Center for Climate and Security.

The Great Thaw: Climate Change and the Post-Cold War World

Caitlin E. Werrell and Francesco Femia • Mar 20 2019 • Articles

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the geopolitical climate frozen from the Cold War along with our understanding of climate change and its security risks have thawed.

A Marshall Plan to Combat Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific

Caitlin E. Werrell and Francesco Femia • Feb 7 2012 • Articles

The United States is officially reorienting its security and defense strategy to the Asia-Pacific region, but the United States needs a complementary investment agenda for building the region’s resilience to climate change.

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