Author profile: George Modelski

George Modelski is Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Washington. His most recent books are ‘World Cities: -2000 to 3000’ (2003), and ‘Globalization as Evolutionary Process’ (2008) (co-editor). For more, visit his website, ‘The Evolutionary World Politics Homepage’ at

Review – Seapower

George Modelski • May 5 2013 • Features

In exploring how both competition and collaboration are redefining seapower in the 21st century, this insightful analysis contends that the Asia-Pacific’s growing might in this strategic arena is challenging the West’s comparative decline.

Long Cycles and International Regimes

George Modelski • Oct 15 2012 • Articles

Long cycle theory and international regime theory are mutually compatible and mutually supportive. In 100 years we may have passed far enough to achieve a global order anchored in a community of democracies.

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