Author profile: Hakan Mehmetcik

Hakan Mehmetcik is a Research Assistant at the Department of International Relations, Marmara University, Istanbul Turkey.

Review – Accommodating Rising Powers: Past, Present, and Future

Hakan Mehmetcik • Aug 7 2016 • Features

Among the many IR books that deal with accommodation of rising powers in a changing international system, T.V. Paul’s volume stands out and is a must-read.

Review – Comparative Regionalism: Economics and Security

Hakan Mehmetcik • Jun 3 2016 • Features

An informative, analytically rich and eloquent book which will appeal to those who are interested in connections between global, regional and domestic orders.

Review – MIKTA, Middle Powers, and New Dynamics of Global Governance

Hakan Mehmetcik • Dec 9 2015 • Features

By being one of the few scholarly texts to focus on the MIKTA, Jongryn’s edited volume is a substantial contribution to global governance literature.

Review – The G20: Evolution, Interrelationships, Documentaion

Hakan Mehmetcik • May 5 2015 • Features

Hajnal has penned a richly documented and well designed book which proves to be one of the best guides to an incredibly important institution of global governance.

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