Author profile: Harald Edinger

Harald Edinger is completing his doctorate in International Relations at the University of Oxford. His research aims at improving explanations of change and continuity in Russian-Western relations. By offering a new interpretation of classical realist theory, which builds on findings from evolutionary psychology and neuroscience, he intends to show when and how emotions such as anger and fear matter in Russian foreign policy. Prior to entering academia, he worked in management consulting and European financial regulation.

Putin and the Two Fears of the Prince

Harald Edinger • Mar 17 2021 • Articles

Putin is facing a simple reality: with every additional month in office, he has more to lose and fewer ways out – providing fertile ground for high-intensity affective responses.

Fear in International Relations

Harald Edinger • Nov 1 2020 • Articles

Emotions and charged emotional relationships may permeate the international system and long outlast the initial cause for emotions, leaving self-sustaining fearful environments.

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