Author profile: Helen Berents and Brendan Keogh

Helen Berents is an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland in Australia. Her research explores ways of engaging with conflict-affected young people and with notions of everyday peace, with a focus on Latin America. More broadly, she examines questions of peace building, forced migration, theories of childhood, and feminist discourses of marginalization. Find her on twitter at @hmberents.


Brendan Keogh is a videogame critic and academic. He is a PhD candidate in the school of Media and Communication at RMIT University, Melbourne, where we researches the textual and phenomenological experience of videogame play. He has written for a variety of outlets on videogame culture, and is the author of Killing is Harmless: A Critical Reading of Spec Ops: The Line. His work can be found at

Pixels and People: Videogames, Warfare, and the Missing Everyday

Helen Berents and Brendan Keogh • Oct 26 2014 • Articles
When considering the depiction of conflict and warfare in videogames, it is important to acknowledge not only what they are depicting but what they are ignoring.

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