Author profile: Hoitsimolimo Mutlokwa

Hoitsimolimo Mutlokwa is studying towards attaining a PhD in Public Law at Koc University, Istanbul Turkey, with a special focus on social inclusion from a planning law perspective comparing Turkey and South Africa. The author has worked as a Research Assistant for an ongoing project focusing on welfare in emerging markets located at Koc University, funded by the European Research Council.

The Impact of Social Media Hashtags on Human Rights in Zimbabwe

Hoitsimolimo Mutlokwa • Sep 14 2020 • Articles

Pressure is mounting for the Zimbabwean government to respect the rule of law and respond to multiple human rights violations.

Can Zimbabwe Move Beyond the Sanctions Rhetoric?

Hoitsimolimo Mutlokwa • Jan 9 2020 • Articles

As long as the playing field is not level, inequality between the political elite and the ordinary citizen will ensure that Zimbabwe remains politically unstable and a humanitarian concern.

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