Author profile: Ibtisam Ahmed

Ibtisam Ahmed is a Doctoral Researcher at the School of Politics and IR at the University of Nottingham. His research is a decolonial killjoy which critically evaluates the toxic ways that British colonialism conceptualised itself as a utopian civilising mission, with the aim of shifting the focus towards anti-colonial and local narratives. He is heavily involved with queer activism on both a professional and personal level.

Decolonising Queer Bangladesh: Neoliberalism Against LGBTQ+ Emancipation

Ibtisam Ahmed • Aug 16 2019 • Articles

While international solidarity is important and Western allies can provide much-needed security, it is vital for queer activism itself to be grounded in decolonisation.

Does Gender Shape the War System and Vice Versa?

Ibtisam Ahmed • Nov 16 2014 • Essays

Contemporary perceptions of combatants underline how the masculine–aggressive and feminine–passive nexus still lies at the heart of gender and the war system.

How do Superheroes Problematise Morality?

Ibtisam Ahmed • May 28 2013 • Essays

The superhero is perceived as a eutopian manifestation, someone who corrects flaws in society, but the problem with this vision is that it hinges on the superhero’s inherent goodness.

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