Author profile: Indrajit Roy

Dr Indrajit Roy is a Senior Lecturer of Global Development Politics at the Department of Politics, University of York. He leads a global consortium of scholars and practitioners to study the ongoing reimagination of citizenship in India, supported by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). He has curated a podcast series titled ‘India Tomorrow’ for The Conversation on the eve of India’s 2019 Elections. The curation is forthcoming as Passionate Politics: Democracy, development and India’s 2019 General Elections with Manchester University Press. A sample of his recent public writings are available here , here and here.

The Battle for Bengal: Regional Resonance

Indrajit Roy • Apr 7 2021 • Articles

The results of the West Bengal elections are likely to impact not only its own 100 million population, but also the 163 million people inhabiting neighbouring Bangladesh.

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