Author profile: Irena Leisbet Ceridwen Connon and Archie W. Simpson

Irena Leisbet Ceridwen Connon is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Human Geography at the University of Dundee, UK.


Archie W. Simpson is a Teaching Fellow in Politics and International Relations at the University of Bath, UK.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Critical Geography and Inuit Views

Irena Leisbet Ceridwen Connon and Archie W. Simpson • Jul 22 2019 • Student Features
Sustaining a narrow focus on nation-state ideas about territory risks pushing out of view marginal but insightful approaches developed, for example, by the Inuit.

Critical Geography: An Introduction

By drawing attention to alternative ways that space can be imagined, critical geographers have sought to transform international politics and the global space.

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