Author profile: Jan Slaby

Jan Slaby is Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Mind at Free University Berlin, Germany. A central focus of his work is the development of a non-mentalist phenomenological account of personhood with emphasis on emotion and affectivity, esp. on the affective dimensions of human sociality and selfhood. Jointly with Suparna Choudhury, Jan Slaby is the initiator of the “critical neuroscience” initiative that has the aim to develop a critical contextualization of the recent rise to prominence of human neuroscience. More information and pdf’s of many of his publications can be accessed at his webpage.

Neuroscience and Politics: Do Not Hold Your Breath

Jan Slaby • May 8 2015 • Articles
There is more politics in the “neuro” than there is “neuro” in politics. Political theory must not abstain from drawing on neuroscientific results where appropriate.

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