Author profile: Jakob R. Avgustin

Jakob R. Avgustin received his Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of Ljubljana in 2016. He is Editor-at-Large at E-International Relations and works in the Academic Services Office at the University of East Anglia. He researches the use of military force in international relations, particularly when authorised by the UN Security Council. His publications include Realism in Practice: An Appraisal (co-editor), and articles in Sociology of Diplomacy: Initial Reading and Acta Diplomatica. He is currently working on a chapter in an edited collection on Great Powers and post-Yugoslav states.

The United Nations and Self-Determination in the Case of East Timor

Jakob R. Avgustin • Feb 27 2020 • Articles
In the case of East Timor, one can argue that the UN was definitely not a friend to the people of East Timor even without the right to self-determination in the equation.

The Precarious History of the UN towards Self-Determination

Jakob R. Avgustin • Feb 18 2020 • Articles
Moving beyond the existing UN paradigm might bring forward better and sustainable solutions for some of the world's longest-lasting conflicts.

Call for Papers – The UN: Friend or Foe of Self-Determination?

Jakob R. Avgustin • May 1 2018 • Features
We are opening up an invitation for contributing authors for an exciting new open access book on the UN and Self-Determination.

Review – The Incubus of Intervention

Jakob R. Avgustin • Dec 2 2015 • Features
A remarkable account of differences between John F. Kennedy and Allan Dulles that significantly contributes to our understanding of US involvement in Indonesia.

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