Author profile: Jean-Baptiste Tai-Sheng Jacquet

Does the USA view North Korean Foreign Policy as Rational?

Jean-Baptiste Tai-Sheng Jacquet • Jun 28 2013 • Essays

The US does not have a fixed definition of rationality. Instead, each ruling governmental cabinet tends to have a different political stance when it comes to determining rationality and irrationality.

What Explains the Collapse of the USSR?

Jean-Baptiste Tai-Sheng Jacquet • Jun 21 2013 • Essays

Only the combined use of ontological, decisional and conjunctural approaches can provide an adequate, multi-layered explanation for why the Soviet Union collapsed.

The Challenges of the European SMP and Euro for the US

Jean-Baptiste Tai-Sheng Jacquet • Jan 10 2013 • Essays

The SMP and Euro posed challenges to the US by shifting the transatlantic and global balance of power, and pushing the federal sector toward a more unified stance on economics.

The Significance of the 2009 Lisbon Treaty for the Working of the European Union

Jean-Baptiste Tai-Sheng Jacquet • Aug 9 2012 • Essays

Although very advanced in the process, today we can still see that the creating and perfecting of the European Union remains on the agenda.

‘Groupthink’ and US Foreign Policy

Jean-Baptiste Tai-Sheng Jacquet • Jul 17 2012 • Essays

Groupthink represents a crucial aspect of US foreign policy and is a concept that scholars must not neglect when analysing this topic.

The Significance of the Dreyfus Affairs on Politics in France from 1894 to 1906

Jean-Baptiste Tai-Sheng Jacquet • Jun 6 2012 • Essays

The Dreyfus affair helped the French Republic reassert her power over the army and those parties who wanted to topple the democracy.

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