Author profile: Jeffrey Haynes

Jeff Haynes is Emeritus Professor of Politics at London Metropolitan University. He recently completed a book on the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and is now writing another on Twenty-Five Years of the ‘Clash of Civilizations’. He is book series editor of ‘Routledge Studies in Religion & Politics’. He is also co-editor of the journal, Democratization, and its book series ‘Special Issues and Virtual Special Issues’.

Brexit, Hong Kong and the Arab Spring: Voices of the People

Jeffrey Haynes • Oct 31 2020 • Articles

Demands for change, whether on the streets or via the ballot box, underline how people living in both democratic and non-democratic states want more from those in power.

Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’ Today: Responses and Developments

Jeffrey Haynes • May 1 2018 • Articles

The UN and moderate Muslims have stressed that interreligious and intercultural dialogue is the way forward. But, will politicians act accordingly?

Voices of the People

Jeffrey Haynes • Jan 16 2017 • Articles

Connectedness and shared ideas collectively characterise today’s popular protests. We can expect to see more such protests as people across the world raise their voices and demand change.

Review – Global Institutions of Religion

Jeffrey Haynes • Dec 3 2013 • Features

Marshall’s goal is to provide as comprehensive an overview as possible of what she refers to as ‘global institutions of religion,’ and the variety of infinitely diverse organizations they inspire.

What do Faith-based Organisations Seek at the United Nations?

Jeffrey Haynes • Nov 15 2013 • Articles

The UN is increasing interactions with faith-based organizations (FBO) due to an awareness that the ‘values’ FBOs bring to global governance need to be factored in to its deliberations.

Review – Treading on Hallowed Ground

Jeffrey Haynes • Aug 30 2013 • Features

Inspired by the much-commented on resurgence of religion in IR, the contributors of this volume see something unusual about counterinsurgency operations when hallowed ground is involved.

Twenty Years after Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilisations’

Jeffrey Haynes • Feb 10 2013 • Articles

Huntington’s work, although flawed in various respects, perfectly captured the zeitgeist at the end of the Cold War and encapsulated the hopes and fears of globalisation.

Extremist Islam and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan and Iraq

Jeffrey Haynes • Jul 23 2012 • Articles

Recent conflicts have highlighted how religion and identity are central to security issues. The question remains as to what extent individual conflict zones are facets of a wider, transnational war which pits the ‘West’ against al Qaeda?

Transnational Religious Actors and International Order

Jeffrey Haynes • Jan 19 2009 • Articles

In recent years, there have been a number of challenges to international order emanating from various entities, including ‘Islamic extremists’ and, more generally, those ‘excluded’ from the benefits of globalisation; sometimes they are the same people.

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