Author profile: Jivanta Schöttli

Jivanta Schöttli is Assistant Professor in Comparative and International Politics at the Department of Political Science, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University, Germany and Associate Researcher at the Center for European and International Studies at the University of Basel, Switzerland. She holds a PhD in political science from Heidelberg University. Her thesis was on the subject of policy-making and institution building during the crucial transition period following Indian independence under Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. This has been published with Routledge, London in 2012 as Vision and Strategy in Indian Politics. She is co-author of A Political and Economic Dictionary of South Asia, has written articles on Indian foreign policy, and edited various publications. Jivanta was a research fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis, New Delhi and at the India Study Centre, Beijing University, China. Her research interests are India’s international relations and the interplay between domestic politics and global dynamics that shapes policy-making.

The 2014 General Elections & Prospects for India’s Foreign Policy

Jivanta Schöttli • Mar 8 2014 • Articles

India’s policy makers and strategists will rely on a revival of the economy to provide India with the basis for a more robust and proactive foreign policy.

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