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John W. Young was Professor of International History at the University of Nottingham from 2000 to 2020 and is now Professor Emeritus there. His latest books are David Bruce and Diplomatic Practice: an American Ambassador in London, 1961-69 and International Relations since 1945: a global history (co-authored with John Kent). He has also published a number of articles on British decision-making during the July Crisis, some of which are available via open access: Conservative leaders, coalition, and Britain’s decision for war in 1914, Emotions and the British government’s decision for war in 1914, Lewis Harcourt’s Journal of the 1914 War Crisis, Ambassador George Buchanan and the July Crisis.

Review – British World Policy and the Projection of Global Power, c.1830-1960

John W. Young • Nov 30 2020 • Features

This edited collection provides a diverse assessment of British power, both geographically and across time, serving as a fitting tribute to Keith Neilson’s memory.

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