Author profile: John Walton Cotman

Dr. John Walton Cotman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Howard University. His specializations are Comparative Politics and International Relations, with a regional focus on the Caribbean. His recent publications include the article Coming in from the Cold: Grenada and Cuba since 1983 and the chapter The Havana Consensus: Cuba’s Ties with Five CARICOM States. Dr. Cotman is also the author of the books The Gorrión Tree: Cuba and the Grenada Revolution (1993, Peter Lang) and Birmingham, JFK and the Civil Rights Act of 1963: Implications for Elite Theory (1989, Peter Lang).

Review – The Grenada Revolution: Reflections and Lessons

John Walton Cotman • Mar 2 2016 • Features

An important and groundbreaking interdisciplinary scholarly volume which highlights the lessons that can be drawn from the errors and triumphs of the Grenada Revolution.

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