Author profile: Juan A. Macias-Amoretti

Juan A. Macías-Amoretti is a Senior Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Granada, a Research Fellow in Contemporary Arab Studies at UGR, and a Research Associate Fellow at the Jacques Berque Centre in Rabat. His areas of research include political Islam and contemporary Arab political thought.

Islamic Governance Theory in Moroccan Islamist Discourse

Juan A. Macias-Amoretti • Dec 15 2014 • Articles
The use of Islamic concepts as the ‘imamate’ and the ‘caliphate’ by main Moroccan Islamist actors in their discourse are linked to a concrete model of Islamic government.

Political Islam: Discourse, Ideology and Power

Juan A. Macias-Amoretti • Mar 3 2014 • Articles
Political Islam's influence in the Muslim World derives not only from its political practice, but also from its influential political, social and cultural discourse.

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