Author profile: Junio Valerio Palomba

Private Military & Security Companies and the Pursuit of Legitimacy

Private Military & Security Companies and the Pursuit of Legitimacy

Junio Valerio Palomba provides an alternative insight on the nature of private military and security companies and their activities. Specifically, he demonstrates how recent changes in the organization and structure of the market for force – such as the disappearance of combat operations – can be interpreted and explained through the theoretical lens of legitimacy.

What are the Risks of Securitizing Infectious Disease Pandemics such as HIV-AIDS and SARS?

Framing infectious diseases as an existential threat entails a whole series of consequences. Some of them concern the nature of the diseases, which are increasingly presented and perceived as a menace to peace and stability rather than a simple but serious medical condition. Others are related to the way these diseases should be treated and by whom, with an increasing role acclaimed both by state and international actors.

What do you Consider to be the Most Significant Security Threat Facing Human Society Over the Next Half Century and how Should it be Dealt with?

From a simple positivist position, it is relatively straightforward to claim that – in a not so distant future – the most significant threats to the human society will be environmentally related. It is difficult to conceive another set of problematics that could rival the global scale and potential magnitude of the consequences provoked – for instance – by a constant rise in the sea levels or by a substantial reduction in the global availability of water.

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