Author profile: Karol Chwedczuk-Szulc

Karol Chwedczuk-Szulc holds a PhD in Political Sciences and an MA in Sociology and International Relations. He teaches at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland. He also served as Scholar-in-Residence at the American University in Washington, DC. Currently, his research focuses primarily on EU-US comparative studies. His publications (both scholarly and journalistic) reflect his interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, EU-US relations, the future of the European Union and the changing role of Poland in the international arena.

Brexit’s Potentital Implications for Poland’s Position in the EU

Karol Chwedczuk-Szulc • Aug 9 2016 • Articles

For years, integration with Western institutions constituted Poland’s main foreign policy concern. Since Poland joined the EU foreign policy has followed an ad hoc path.

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