Author profile: Katharine Wright

Dr Katharine A. M. Wright is a Lecturer in International Politics at Newcastle University (UK). Her research centers broadly around gender and security in institutional settings, including NATO and the EU. You can read her most recent work on NATO in Media, War & Conflict, International Political Science Review and the International Feminist Journal of Politics. She tweets @KAMWright.

Gender Matters: Mainstreaming Women, Peace and Security at NATO

Katharine Wright • Nov 17 2017 • Articles

The aim must be to transform practice through better representing women’s agency, rather than reinforcing regressive gendered logics.

More Questions than Answers? 12 Years on from UNSCR 1325

Katharine Wright • Oct 31 2012 • Articles

e-IR’s range of publications to mark the anniversary of UNSCR 1325 reflect on the unintended consequences resulting from the resolution and highlight the silences surrounding the issues.

Review – Gender, Sex and the Postnational Defence

Katharine Wright • Sep 29 2012 • Features

In Gender, Sex and the Postnational Defence, Annica Kronsell challenges an assumption that gender mainstreaming is more achievable than gender parity in military organisations.

NATO’s Implementation of UN SCR 1325

Katharine Wright • Sep 22 2012 • Articles

NATO has utilised UN SCR 1325 on ‘Women, Peace and Security’ as a tool to justify advocating increasing women in the military in order to counter manpower shortages.

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