Author profile: Klaus Dodds

Klaus Dodds is Professor of Geopolitics in the department of Geography at Royal Holloway University of London. He has published widely on geopolitics and the polar regions, and plays a key role in the MSc in Geopolitics and Security. He is author of many books, including Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction (OUP 2014) and International Politics and Film (Columbia University Press 2014 with Sean Carter).

Popular Geopolitics and the ‘War on Terror’

Klaus Dodds • May 10 2015 • Articles

Representational logics, emotion and affect, and intertextuality offer methodological insights into how popular geopolitics connects to the war on terror.

A Political Geographer in New York: Visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum

Klaus Dodds • Apr 30 2015 • Articles

While scholars have spoken about the WTC and its reconstruction, there is more to be said about the way the visitor is enrolled into the material cultures of 9/11.

The Umbrella: Bodies, Deportment and Geopolitics

Klaus Dodds • Oct 10 2014 • Articles

The role of objects in world politics continues to deserve our attention, including the ways in which human and non-human agency combine to re-engineer the umbrella.

Man-Up Mr Snowden! Masculinities and National Security

Klaus Dodds • Jun 8 2014 • Articles

Ever since news broke that Edward Snowden was the National Security Agency ‘leaker’ and fugitive, discussion has raged about his masculinity, including his sexuality.

The Popular Geopolitics of Mysterious Flights: MH370 and Herge’s Flight 714

Klaus Dodds • Mar 20 2014 • Articles

Following the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines MH377, there has appeared a space for the creative and conspiratorial to flourish.

Review – International Security

Klaus Dodds • Oct 10 2013 • Features

Browning’s book succeeds in conveying to both academic and general readers some of the core issues surrounding the term ‘international security’.

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