Author profile: Koldo Casla

Koldo Casla earned his PhD at King’s College London in July 2017, where he has studied why Western European states promote international human rights norms. His most recent publications are ‘The rights we live in: protecting the right to housing in Spain’ (IJHR, 20:3, 2016) and ‘Dear fellow jurists, human rights are about politics, and that’s perfectly fine’ (chapter in edited volume Can human rights bring social justice?, 2015).

Realism: Human Rights Foe?

Koldo Casla • Feb 6 2018 • Articles
Realists grow stronger when criticised on ethical grounds, because such criticism gives realism the opportunity to proclaim its alleged value-free condition.

The Importance of a Socioeconomic Rights Approach to Transitional Justice

Koldo Casla • Sep 13 2012 • Essays
Factors such as exclusion and poverty have a important causal relationship with armed conflict and social division. Economic and social rights, therefore, must be central to post-conflict societies.

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