Author profile: Kristan J. Wheaton and Melonie K. Richey

Kristan J. Wheaton is an Associate Professor at Mercyhurst University whose research focuses on the intersection of games-based learning and intelligence analysis.

Melonie K. Richey is a graduate student at Mercyhurst University who is currently participating in IARPA’s Sirius Project. Her current research focuses on exploring the viability of tabletop games in the intelligence classroom.

The Potential of Social Network Analysis in Intelligence

Kristan J. Wheaton and Melonie K. Richey • Jan 9 2014 • Articles
Within its limits, SNA can be applied to identify individuals or organizations within a network, generate new leads and simulate flows of information or money throughout a network.

Game-based Learning and Intelligence Analysis: Current Trends and Future Prospects

Kristan J. Wheaton and Melonie K. Richey • Aug 7 2013 • Articles
Games have always taught many skills required of an intelligence analyst. What has changed is the advent of video games and their ability to command the attention of the people playing them.

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