Author profile: Kyle Grayson and Jocelyn Mawdsley

Dr. Kyle Grayson is a Reader in Security, Politics, and Culture in the School of Geography, Politics, and Sociology at Newcastle University UK and Honorary Secretary of the British International Studies Association. He is a co-editor of the UK Political Studies Association’s journal POLITICS, an associate editor of the journal Critical Studies on Security, and a co-editor of the Popular Culture and World Politics Series (Routledge).  Twitter: @chasing_dragons


Dr. Jocelyn Mawdsley is a Senior Lecturer in Politics in the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, at Newcastle University UK.  She has published widely on armaments issues, particularly in the European context, most recently on the A400M project, Franco-British defence relations and on the growth of the homeland security industrial sector. She is co-editor of the Taylor and Francis journal European Security and chair of the International Board of the Bonn International Center for Conversion. Twitter: @JocelynMawdsley

Scopic Regimes, Drones, and the Visual Turn in International Relations

Kyle Grayson and Jocelyn Mawdsley • Aug 13 2018 • Articles

The discipline of international relations needs to better engage with different ways of seeing, particularly those arising outside of western traditions.

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