Author profile: Laura Kunreuther

Laura Kunreuther is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Bard College and coordinates the ‘Sound Cluster’ through the Center for Experimental Humanities at Bard. Her first book, Voicing Subjects: Public Intimacy and Mediation in Kathmandu, set during a decade of democratic reform, traces the relation between public speech, technologies of voice (especially radio) and notions of personal interiority in Nepal. She is in the process of researching and drafting a book called Interpreting the Field: On the Labor of Interpreters for UN Missions, which explores historical and cultural connections between the seeming invisibility of field interpreters’ labor and the bureaucratic ideals of transparency and global citizenship.

Review – Discordant Democracy: Noise, Affect, Populism and the Presidential Campaign

Laura Kunreuther • Feb 14 2021 • Features

Justin Patch argues that sound (particularly noise) needs to be at the center of our understanding of democracy.

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