Author profile: Laura Routley

Laura Routley is a lecturer in African and Post-colonial politics at Newcastle University. She works and teaches on African politics and is interested in the on-going impacts of colonialism. Her book Negotiating Corruption, based on fieldwork with Nigerian NGOs, will be published next year  with the Routledge Interventions series.

Who Matters in World Politics?

Laura Routley • Jul 28 2015 • Articles

One year ago a global cry that ‘Black Lives Matter’ arose in a response to black deaths in the USA. But shouldn’t black lives, not just black deaths, matter?

Inoculating against Politics

Laura Routley • Aug 5 2014 • Articles

Development agencies have started to engage more with the political nature of development. However the nature of politics is that what is ‘right’ is always contestable.

British Memory of Colonial Brutality in Kenya and Elsewhere

Laura Routley • May 8 2013 • Articles

British elite’s are slowly agreeing that Britain’s colonial history needs to be debated as the testimonies and documentary evidence challenge “long-cherished views” of this period of British colonial exploits.

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