Author profile: Laura Spano and Nathan Page

Laura Spano is the Arms Control Manager of the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction, the Secretariat of the Pacific Small Arms Action Group (PSAAG) – funded by UNSCAR to improve governmental implementation of UN arms control instruments in the Pacific. She is also the Pacific Regional Coordinator for Control Arms – a global civil society alliance that has advocated for a bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty for over a decade. As a practitioner specializing in UN peace and security, civilian protection and atrocity prevention, Laura has previously worked at the UN Headquarters in NYC. She was part of the intergovernmental dialogue on the sustainable development goals, advocating for a goal on peaceful societies and ran a multinational program to mobilize political will to implement the UN responsibility to protect norm and adhere to atrocity prevent frameworks. @lspano27


Nathan Page is the Policy and Outreach Officer for PSAAG. Nathan is responsible for identifying gaps in government arms control systems and building capacity for improved implementation of UN arms control instruments aimed at preventing the proliferation of illicit small arms and light weapons. His professional and academic interests focus on “Shadow Economies” in conflict. @PSAAGOrg

Lessons from COP21: How the Pacific can Alter the Status Quo on Arms Trade

Laura Spano and Nathan Page • Mar 21 2016 • Articles

In our globalised world, illicit trade in small arms, transnational crime and terrorism can be facilitated by inadequate legislative controls and porous borders.

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