Author profile: Lee Marsden

Lee Marsden is Professor of International Relations, School of Political, Social and International Studies, University of East Anglia. He is also editor of the Ashgate Series on Religion and International Security. His key research interests lie in the area of religion and security, religion and international relations, religion and politics and US foreign policy.

What’s God Got to Do with It? Violence, Hostility and Religion Today

Lee Marsden • Dec 11 2015 • Articles

In supplanting a secular discourse with a religious discourse, actors are engaged on the basis of their faith and as representatives of a perceived religious community.

The Christian Right and US Foreign Policy today

Lee Marsden • Apr 14 2010 • Articles

Religion is a significant voice in international relations and its increased prominence is due in no small measure, for western audiences at least, to the influence of the Christian Right in US domestic politics and international affairs. The resounding Democratic election victories in 2008 might suggest that the movement has reached its nadir and is no longer worthy of consideration, but thie movement is highly resilient.

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