Author profile: Liam P.D. Stockdale

Liam Stockdale is a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute on Globalisation and the Human Condition and the Institute for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. His research interests sit at the intersection of international relations theory, critical security studies and contemporary social and political thought – with a particular emphasis on the temporalities of societal governance. He is the author of the book Taming an Uncertain Future: Temporality, Sovereignty, and the Politics of Anticipatory Governance (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016), and has previously published on the relationship between time and globalisation, and the global politics of sport.

Catastrophic Futures, Precarious Presents & Temporal Politics of (In)security

Liam P.D. Stockdale • Aug 19 2016 • Articles

the post-9/11 temporalisation of security has taken the form of a politics of pre-emption in which radical uncertainty constitutes the basis for anticipatory action.

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